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The Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (501c3 Religious)  


The Association for the Integration of the Whole Person was founded so that spiritual persons, prepared to serve their communities, can do so in ways that assure the blessings of self-empowerment, psychologically and educationally, leading to peace for persons of goodwill.

Religious: “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.”

Spiritual: “of religion, sacred, devotional, or ecclesiastical; not lay or temporal.” 



 Autumn has arrived and 3rd quarter reports are now due.


 Member Thumbnails: 

Northern Equine Spirit of AIWP in Browns Valley, CA provides a sanctuary for unwanted horses and networks with those looking for homes for their horses. Rev. Mia Young has been rescuing equines since she was ten years old.  She recognizes the spiritual role that equines play, and how humans can learn from them. Contact Rev. Mia at nbequine@hotmail.com or PO Box 36, Browns Valley, CA 95918.

Soulistic Healing of AIWP offers spiritual coaching in Asheville, NC. Rev. Andrea Olson studied depth psychology for her master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute and has a certificate in Movement-Based Expressive Arts Therapy from Tamalpa Institute. She is an artist, teaches dance, and works with clients using arts, movement, and other creative modalities. See more at www.soulistichealing.org.

Opportunity Ministry of AIWP provides relationship and pastoral counseling in Marietta, GA. Rev. Jessica Rhea has a BA in psychology with an emphasis in stress management. She also has education toward a master’s degree in Mental Health/Trauma, and she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in Nursing. She helps others learn to communicate, understand, and see their relationships through the perspective of compassion. Her website is www.opportunityminded.com.


Author Alert:

AIWP members who have at any time in the past written a book that is still available: we invite you to send in a brief write-up on your book.

Please include:

  • Date of publication and purpose of the book
  • Central premise: the core concept you are presenting
  • Brief mention of a couple of highlights of the book
  • Your education and experience that brought you to writing the book
  • Your contact information and where to find the book

If you are currently in the process of writing a book, please let us know as soon as it is published.


AIWP members are spiritual seekers who endeavor to manifest their core values in their lives and through their AIWP ministries.

 Georgia Argyle

AIWP Accounting Manager & Bulletin Editor

P.O. Box 275

Petaluma, CA 94953